Saturday, August 25, 2012

Great Catholic Resources!

I found these two resources through Facebook recently, and wanted to share:

Pillars of Catholicism is part of the John Paul the Great University program and will be a 12 part study on Catholicism. Part one is available now, and hopefully shortly they will have their registration snafu situated and the whole program will be available over the course of 12 weeks. What I've seen so far looks wonderful!

The St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology is Dr. Scott Hahn's online home. There are a number of free studies there, including some audio ones. I know Dr. Hahn's work, it was his book, "Rome Sweet Home" that really brought home the fact that I could be Catholic.

Okay, and while I'm posting about great Catholic resources, I should really give the site for the Catholic Home Study Service. This site has been around for, well, longer than I've been looking into more than 13 years! They offer free books and workbooks, and you can submit your answers for each chapter and get a certificate of completion at the end. I've done two of the books, and while the workbooks are a little dry, the books themselves are wonderful. This would make for a good small group study, and in fact our MCCW chapter at Ft. Bragg used the book on Happiness one year and we invited Fr. Lukefahr to visit. That was fun!

I'd love to hear about other good Catholic sites, especially ones with free study aides!

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