Sunday, June 17, 2012

Angel's Adoption Day

Angel's Adoption Day was June 1. I tired to get some current pics of her, but she's become quite camera shy. I think it's the red light from my flash that makes her turn her head. I'm playing with different ideas of how to get and keep her attention. I did manage to get ONE decent pic of her though!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day, part the Second

Here's the last two Father's Day pages I made today-

Had a good time with both of them, but I'm most proud of the background on the Two in a Million page. That was fun! :)

Now all I need is a photo of Aaryk in his new Father's Day recliner, and I can get it scrapped too!

Father's Day

I have so many mixed emotions on Father's Day anymore. Daddy Jim being gone now, Dad being so far away, and no grandfather's left. So, I've decided to work on a page for each of the dads in my life. Here's the first couple-

I had to call Mom to get Beth's birthday right, I just love this picture of Dad!

This one was what I used in the Progressive Scrap over at theStudio this month-

Some of my rare memories of Papaw are of him fishing. He took me with him, just once.

I'll be posting more of my Father's Day salutes as the weekend goes on!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Heritage Photos

I took Linda's Help for Heritage Photos class and I love that it's self paced. I was able to pay for it when it was on sale (with a bonus set of videos), and take my time getting to it. I finally looked through some of the videos on damage control and took this photo of Papaw-
and got it to look like this-
so I made a page for it! :)
I've got to find out from Mom if she knows when this was taken, and where. I got several comments on the after picture from Digital Scrapper ladies, and one that I'm going to try to do. I want to see if I can get better clarity on the globe and cabinet in the back right corner.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

May has been an odd month for pictures. I've done a number of pages for challenges and things, but I didn't really take any new pics until the middle of the month.

Here's the Ricoh recognition event, this year a gathering of some of the top performers locally were invited to be at the regional recognition event. I was among the invited! :)

It was a great time, I'm just bummed that so many of my pics were blurry. I have a couple of my boss, Kris, that came out okay though!

Then I went to ComiCon with Terri, Alicia, and Kristin (and David and Jasmine!), but again, many of my pics were blurry. I'm waiting to do most of those until after I get copies of pics that the others took too.

But, I do have my cover page for May done-