Saturday, November 24, 2012

Other Miscellany from the last couple of months

Here's an assortment of other things I've done over the last couple of months-

These first two are from the Featured Designer Challenge at theStudio. They choose a designer (or two!) every two weeks and they give us an add on to one of their kits. It's along the lings of the Use It Or Lose It challenge at Stuff to Scrap:
 Kit: Hay Day Add on by Snickerdoodle Designs
Fonts: CK Staccato and DaunPehn

 Template: Inspire Me BTB by Pardon the Mess
Kit: Serendipity Add on by Two Moose Designs
Font: Book Antiqua

This one actually was from the September UIOLI challenge at Stuff to Scrap:
 Kit: And Furthermore Sampler by Jensen Motley Crew Designs
Font: Impact
One of my favorite designers, DeDe Smith took part in the Next Designer Challenge at theStudio. She took one of the kits and did a FB challenge. I have been looking for a place to use this photo of Brian for a long time now and this was perfect!
 Kit: Moon on the Range by De De Smith
Font: Stencil

These next two are from my July pictures, but NOT part of our vacation. I've got those in a separate place and will be posting a link to them when they are done. They are a scrapbook unto themselves!
 Kit:Shine On Addon by DeDe Smith
Fonts: Goudy Stout, Gill Sans MT

 Kit:Shine On Addon by DeDe Smith
Fonts: Curlz MT, Finehand

And lastly, we skip October entirely and go right into November with our first attempt to deep fry a turkey!

Kit:Autumn Moonlight by Nana's Digi Scraps
Font: MV Boli

Now, while I seem to have the energy, I"m off to scrap some more! :)

Thanks for looking! 

Progressive Scraps and Chapter Headers

Alrighty, here, as promised, are the PS pages October and November, and the Chapter Headers for September and October-

October Mega Kit-Harvest Moon
Day1-The Urban Fairy, LouCee Creations
Day 2- The Urban Fairy
Day 3- Just Me Digital, LouCee Creations
Day 4- Aimee Harrison, Willow Grace
Day 5- Aimee Harrison, ADB Designs, Nibbles Skribbles
Day 6- Sweet Made, Willow Grace
Day 7- Snickerdoodle Designs, Feli Designs, and The Urban Fairy

November Mega Kit- Merry Christmas
Day One- Aimee Harrison Designs, Carin Grobe  Designs, Booland  Designs
Day Two- Designs by Brigit
Day Three- ADB Designs and Laitha's Designs
Day Four- Aimee Harrison Designs & Snickerdoodle Designs
Day Five- Booland Designs & Janet B Designs
Day Six- Nibbles Skribbles, Let Me Scrapbook, and Carin Grobe Designs
Day Seven- Scappy Cocoa, Piggy Scraps, and Let Me Scrapbook
Font: Warwick
Pictures: Public domain holy cards

Papers by me
Fonts: LD Keri, Monotype Corsiva

Papers: Halloweenies by Eyeinspire
Fonts: Berylium, Segoe Print
Header photo by me

You may have noticed, that I stopped scrapping in the 12x12 format for the PS with October. I decided that when I get serious about being on a Creative Team, or learning to design, I'll go back to the 'standard' format, but until then, I'm just going to use the size that I prefer to scrap!

Oh, and November's PS was especially cool, we could do either a card or a page, and while I started out planning to do a page I couldn't find any photos I liked. So, I pulled from my collection of public domain holy cards and found a few that worked nicely!

What have I been up to?

Well, let's see, two days after my last post my parents were in a car accident. I thank the Lord for seat belts and airbags, as the vast majority of their injuries were from these safety features, and not from something worse! I was able to get out to help them for a couple of weeks in October and celebrated my birthday with them. They are on the mend, and continuing to take it slowly as they heal.

Seems like I've been playing catchup for weeks since then, and I still think I'm not caught up on my sleep yet!

But I do have a smattering of pages to post, and several more theological posts stewing around my brain. When they reach the point that I can't NOT write them, I'll share them here. In the meantime, here's some cute pics of Rooter!

All of these pages use the April Mega Kit- Smile from theStudio
Fonts used: Scrap Rhapsody, Filodex Girls, Caflisch Pro, and Kristen ITC 

This last one I even learned how to create a QR code so that I could link to the YouTube video I posted of Rooter. The link is also on the page, but if you are interested, you can just click here.

Next up, catching up on the PS pages and the Monthly chapter headers!