Saturday, September 13, 2014


There's a new Denzel Washington movie coming out based on the 80's TV Show The Equalizer. When I saw the first preview for it I immediately thought of Jeff Schreiber and wanted to make sure that he knew about it. It was one of his very favorite shows and we watched it faithfully every week.

And then I remembered.

Jeff Schreiber, my first husband, father of my son, and still a dear friend, died in a car accident last November.

Every once in a while something like this catches me and it brings up all the emotion and memory surrounding his death. I know my loss is nothing compared to Kathi's (his widow), who lost a part of her soul that night, but in these moments I feel his loss so keenly.

So I will go see the movie, and remember the times we watched the show together, and pray for his soul in hopes that I will see him again one day.