Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Many Faces of Evil

The Many Faces of Evil

This is an interesting article and I wanted to link it here to share! :)

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  1. Ah, got the comment thing figured out and I hope this goes through! I just finished reading the article. This was really interesting -- for one thing, it confirms some of the things you've taught me about spiritual warfare. The statistics are pretty scary (If we don't believe in our actual enemies, that makes them way more dangerous). I didn't know that it was "the satan" in the Old Testament. It's funny because the guy at the photo place said almost entirely the opposite -- he wanted to know how, if evil wasn't in the world before Satan, how the angel who would become Satan had the ability to choose evil. That seems all backwards, huh? I think I did a decent job of explaining how evil isn't a thing in itself but the possible result of any free choice (so Adam and Eve were as free to make their own choices before Satan as after). Anyway, thanks.