Thursday, February 16, 2012

Unconditional Love

With Valentine's day being this week there was a lot of talk about love on the radio. Apparently I missed the Ultimate Issues hour on Dennis Prager's show where he talked about whether unconditional love was a good thing. Bill Bennett had called in to join in the discussion, and replayed it on his show the next day. That's where I came in.

I won't really get in to the discussion of is unconditional love a good thing or not, but what struck me was that in my experience women tend to love unconditionally to a greater degree than men. Granted, there are certainly exceptions, but you here so much more about women who even after leaving their abuser or unfaithful husband still talk about how they still love him. My mom and I talked about it once, that when two people become 'one flesh' in marriage that there's a bond there that never really dies. I wonder now, if my father or my ex felt the same way.

It occurred to me then, that maybe this is why men are commanded to love their wives. St. Paul may have understood that women more naturally love unconditionally, and that men needed to be told that THIS is important and what you are supposed to do. Not that men don't know how to love, but rather that men don't think as naturally in terms of loving as Christ loved, even unto death.

That's my 'Thought for the Day'.

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