Saturday, February 4, 2012

Challenges over at Stuff to Scrap

With the way the days fell this month, Stuff to Scrap did Week 5 challenges for both Word of the Week and Challenge of the Week.  Here are my LOs for them-

I'm having so much fun using these challenges to scrap older photos! I'm especially glad that I finally had a chance to use the pic of the lamp that Mom made for me back when I got married. That was such a great lamp. Had the look of wood and wrought iron, but was actually plaster/ceramic. Reminds me of all the times Mom and I went to Ann's Originals and painted together. I should take pictures of some of the other things we've painted over the years. Hmmm...I wish I'd thought to have asked for the bird plate I did for Jeff's Mom way back when. I'm sure it got sold in the estate sale. It's funny the things that you remember when you start down 'memory lane'.

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