Saturday, May 12, 2012

A DIY Easter!

Easter weekend we began our second DIY project of the year, a new chalkboard at the top of the steps. Aaryk had made one from plywood, but it was too rough to write on well. We decided to paint it right on the wall this time, with some kind of border around it. While at the Lowe's to get the paint, we saw magnetic primer and thought that would be a fun idea, a magnetic chalkboard!

So we began the night before I'm hosting Easter dinner with all the family (including my daughter-in-law's parents from Canada!) by sanding down the wall...leaving a thick coating of paint dust ALL OVER MY HOUSE!!

I finally couldn't take it anymore and went to the store. I was furious and overreacting and just had to get away from the dust. Fortunately, by the time I got back, Aaryk had finished and even cleaned up the living room!

Next up was the primer. Well, with magnetic primer you have to mix and mix and mix until it's an even consistency and that's not easy with all of the metal bits in it. Aaryk had finally given up on doing it by hand and we decided to take it to Lowe's after Church to get it shaken. He taps the lid back on, and then I hear this horrible sound as he trips on the tarp on the stairs and falls down the steps!

He wasn't injured (not much more than his pride anyway), but the primer came had come open in flight. There was primer splattered all over the walls and carpet. We spent the rest of the evening cleaning up the mess! We did learn that auto upholstery cleaner does the best job at getting the stuff out of the carpet, better than pet stain remover or Resolve. It was good stuff!

So, Easter morning we get up, go to the sunrise service at St. Thomas Aquinas (and it was beautiful, if more than a little chilly), and then get the primer shook and back to work. Several coats of primer later we called it a day to let it dry and air out the house before company.

What an adventure! We've since gotten the chalkboard paint on, but no border yet. We're of two minds on whether to paint a border, or trim it out in wood like a real chalkboard. But it is fun to write on now!

Easter dinner was wonderful too, we had a great time and I enjoyed getting to chat with Share's folks!

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