Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Mother's Love

"Get your head out of the clouds", "There are no magic wands", these are things I heard often as a child, and even into my college years. I was a daydreamer, the kid who'd rather read than play on the playground. Nothing wrong with that, unless I'm reading or dreaming when I should be doing something else. Like chores, or homework, or whatever it was that I told Mom I'd have done before she got home.

I'm sure I frustrated her, and I remember being resentful and swearing to myself that I'd NEVER say those words to MY kids! I had forgotten that promise to myself until the first time I caught myself telling Brian to get HIS head out of the clouds!

Funny how moms tend to know what's best for their kids...

Anyway, looking back, I can see the lengths Mom went to to make sure I was well grounded and still able to dream. The time and effort and support that went into nurturing my passions; music, theater, writing, sending me to camp every year to ride horses, and the list goes on.

In my teen aged petulance, I only saw myself be squashed by those words, I didn't realize that if I wanted to really fly I'd need to be able to see where I was going!

So when Digital Scrapper had a challenge titled: Mom Always Said, I knew I had to scrap this:
Thanks Mom, for teaching me to stay grounded and still reach for those stars! I love you!

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