Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Resurrection

Today was all about preparing us for the Resurrection. I wonder how the Saducees viewed the passage from Ezekiel in today's reading. It's pretty clear on a bodily resurrection at the end of time. I don't recall ever having read or heard that passage before! I love seeing how the Old Testament and the New Testament mesh so beautifully.

I was also struck by the thought in the reading from Romans today about how we are 'in the Spirit' while still being physical the flesh. When Paul talks about living in the Spirit he is not suggesting that we give up our physical bodies. This meshes so nicely with the Catholic understanding of John 6 . There is no false dichotomy between the body (flesh) and the Spirit.

That's a thought I want to develop further, but not sitting here at Einstein Brothers this morning!  ;)

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