Sunday, January 27, 2013

St. Thomas Aquinas

Today is the feast of St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of my Church. Doctor of the Church, scholar, writer, and philosopher.I've only read snippets of his work...well, to be honest mostly I've just read assorted quotes.

This prayer attributed to him was in our bulletin today-

Student's Prayer

Creator of all things,
true source of light and wisdom,
origin of all being,
graciously let a ray of your light penetrate
the darkness of my understanding.
Take from me the double darkness
in which I have been born,
an obscurity of sin and ignorance.
Give me a keen understanding,
a retentive memory, and
the ability to grasp things
correctly and fundamentally.
Grant me the talent
of being exact in my explanations
and the ability to express myself
with thoroughness and charm.
Point out the beginning,
direct the progress,
and help in the completion.
I ask this through Christ our Lord.

I think I will use this prayer next week for our opening prayer at bible study!

Oh, and as an aside, I went to the Teen Mass tonight, and enjoyed the music immensely. We sang a song that just stuck with me and I thought I would share it here-

More Like Falling in Love by Jason Gray

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