Saturday, February 9, 2013

A first for me!

Okay, I've done 2 page layouts before, but I've always done one page and then the other and not really worried about whether the sides lined up or anything. I generally go for the 'feel' of the kit, not exact symmetry on the opposing pages.

Tonight I wanted to try and make a 2 page layout using a single 17x11 page. I had the pictures Mom took of Dad with the Keurig we got him for his 80th birthday and came up with this-

Kit: October 2012 BTB with parts by- 3 lil Monsters, A-liya, Veronica Spriggs,
 Cabana Girl, Darlene H, Kim Jensen, Kakleid, Designs by Krista, Mad Genius Designs, 
Snuggle Berry Pie, Snips n Snails, Sugar Moon, Word Art World, 
Amanda Heimann and Charm City
Font: Gabriola

If you click on it to enlarge it you'll see a thin black line down the center of the page. That's what I used as a guide to know how close I was getting to the split for the pages. I like the sense of symmetry I got by doing the two sides at once this way. I only have one element that cuts across the page, but I didn't have to try and line it up this way.

When I was done and had saved the complete 2 page spread (a very important step!), I then used my crop tool, set to 8.5x11 and starting at the top left corner drew it out to  encompass the entire left hand page. By clicking on the green check at this point it cut off the right hand page (but we'll get it back in a sec). I saved just the left hand as page 1 and then used my Ctrl+Z to 'undo' the crop. Viola! My 2 page spread is back! I just repeated the crop from the top right corner for page 2, saved it, and I've got a nice 2 page layout that tells the story of my Dad and his first cup of coffee from his new Keurig!

Oh, I did 'hide' the line on both the 1/2 pages, I didn't know if it would show or not, but it's easy enough to either hide or delete, so that was no problem.

I know this is nothing new to many digital scrappers, but it was a first for me today and I thought I would share! I can see myself working in this format quite a bit!

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