Saturday, August 4, 2012


I had to wait to get some photos from my wonderful girlfriends, as so many of mine were beyond blurry.

We had a great day, lots of Steampunk, great fun seeing old friends and finally meeting some online friends, and I even got star struck meeting Ed Asner!

 Kristin, David and Jasmine drove out from Texas for the Con. We had a great time playing games and such before, during, and after Con!
 It was really fun getting to see Jim at the UFP panel, and to see that they are STILL using the banner I made all those years ago! Finally getting to Meet Marcy, in person was very cool too!
 So much fun Dr. Who stuff going on, only one 4th Doctor that I saw (had to get a pic with him), a life sized TARDIS, and Romans! :)
 Steampunk, steampunk, and more steampunk! Need I say more?
The big reason I went to Con this year was to go with Alicia and stuff with her and see what she enjoys at cons. She found a couple of different groups of My Little Pony Cosplayers, and get her picture taken with each of them. The TARDIS was a big hit for pictures, and I had to get one of the 6th Doctor. Not many folks would know who he is these days I'm afraid, but he pulled it off very nicely! I took the Minecraft cosplayers pic for Melissa, and the one of the guys at Blind Ferret for Aaryk.

At the end of the day, I got a pic of the four of us in our Steampunk costumes, You can find it down a few entries under "Steampunk Ladies".

Wonderful, exhausting day, and I'm already looking forward to Wild Wild West Con in Tucson next year! A whole Steampunk Convention? Count me in! :)

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