Saturday, January 7, 2012

First New Page of 2012!

Kit: January Use it or Lose it- Scraps by Andrea
Font: Amazone BT 
I created this page for the Use it or Lose it challenge on Stuff to Scrap. I took this photo-
used the smart brush and added a duotone sepia layer. I then changed the opacity to 50% and duplicated the layer. Using the Alt key to subtract from the selection, I 'unselected' the flag and dad's bandana. It gives a faded look with just a couple little pops of color.

I then changed the overlay layer from this-
to the blue tone it is above by changing it's blending to Exclusion. That was a happy accident. I didn't like the 'dried blood' look that it gave my LO, so I was fiddling with Overlay and Soft Light. I still had it selected and scrolled my mouse. I hit upon the Exclusion blend mode and loved that it matched dad's shirt!

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