Saturday, January 28, 2012

Project 12 in 2012

I really enjoyed my Project 12 last year, it's what kept me scrapping, and the feedback I received from the wonderful folks at kept me motivated to do more!

This year I created a template to use for the Project 12 pages, and I'll use them as 'Chapter' headers in my annual book. Some months, like January may not have many other pages, so having the template page with an overview of the month is handy. It also gave me the opportunity to scrap a couple of pics that I likely wouldn't have otherwise.
The story behind Brian's pants is amusing and eye-rolling. He got the blue corduroy trousers in 2004. I don't recall now if they were new or a hand me down pair from a friend. All I remember is that Brian LOVED them. They were his favorite pair of pants, and by the time I left for Ft. Bragg in the summer of 2005 they were already well worn. When I saw Brian in 2007 for his AIT graduation, I picked him up from his barracks and he was wearing the blue cords...Today, when I was keeping he and Share company while they sorted through stuff in their storage unit, he unearthed them again. We laughed about them, and with just a hint of sadness they went in the throw away pile.

It was a fun moment, and every day moment, and one I'm glad I included in this page.

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