Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday night posting- Epiphany

Well, I had really intended on posting about mass last week MUCH earlier in the week! It's been a crazy time at work with the beginning of the semester, and I've not have much time to breathe, let alone sit and think and put pixels to screen.

I did however take a picture at mass last week of what I wanted to write about so I wouldn't forget! It was the opening thoughts in the missalette from Living Liturgy. It read-

The Magi come from the East sincerely searching for "the newborn king of the Jews" following the signs given them by God. Like the magi, we too must diligently search for Christ, following God's signs. Even when we seem to lose sight of the star and the way forward is longer clear, even when evil forces seek to thwart our search, we can trust that God never leaves us in darkness but always leads us to the Light.

It 's so easy to forget, in the darkness, that even when I cannot see the way God IS still guiding me towards the light. All I have to do is to keep moving. I still may bump into a wall or two, or trip over things unseen, but I am only truly lost when I give up and quit trying. I know that eventually, like a man lost underground in enormous caverns who finds his way out by touch alone inching his way along, if I remain faithful God will lead me into the light. I will be bumped and bruised and look a fright, but He WILL bring me Home.

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